Twirly and Girly

Our Story

A few years ago, I wanted to surprise my daughter with the perfect twirling dress of her own. I looked in dozens of stores, but nothing felt quite right. The fabrics were too heavy… the seams were too itchy… the colors weren’t pretty…

So, I decided to recreate the magic myself.
The entire process has been a labor of love, and I’ve learned everything through trial and error. My daughters and I worked closely with the designers, picking materials and testing samples until we got it right. Our custom-designed skirt has the perfect shape for twirling in exceptional fabrics that move with you.

From nap time to play time, Blair Monroe dresses are designed for life.

There’s something magical about twirling in a dress. It might sound cheesy, but it’s a special part of childhood that every woman can relate to!

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Our Promises

Local & Ethical

Blair Monroe dresses are ethically made in the USA. Our small, family-owned business is based in CA.

Modest & Confident

Every dress comes with matching undershorts, so girls never have to worry about modesty. Dream bigger, climb higher, spin faster!

Inclusive & Comfy

Fit and feel are just as important as the final look. Our stretchy, buttery soft fabric is sensory friendly with no itchy seams or tags.

What’s Next?

We have big dreams and new designs coming soon. Follow @blair_monroe_ on social media for updates and inspiration.
We can’t wait to launch our next-stage ‘mommy and me’ line with flattering, twirlable dresses for all ages.